by Reagans Rayguns

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This is a special limited physical EP comprised of 6 "songs" that we recorded for Record Store Day without practising them first. Or writing words in a few cases.


released April 20, 2013

Adam Kierstead - Bass, Guitar solo on "Punk Song", Drums on "Fail Me", Vocals, Piano
Dan Boyer - Drumming
Chris Braydon - Guitar, Gun-having
Sean Boyer - Guitar, Vocals, Percussion

Recorded in one day at Studio Space and Mixed in a week at Studio Boytimes by Spicy Boyer
Not mastered
Artwork by Rinse Winston

Any likeness to any other east coast song is entirely accidental

Boytimes Records release 016



all rights reserved


Reagans Rayguns St John, New Brunswick

Reagans Rayguns: Janky, unnecessary, intentionally annoying, yet always poppy somehow. No matter how hard we try to write the most inaccessible song, someone always finds a way to dance to it.

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Track Name: The Marichild
The boonies weren't made
to support the weight
of the head of the Marichild
No way

I just wanna drink and smoke
on the patio
It's so fun to hang with my friends
and drink!
If you wanna fight, well you suck
you fuckin' schmuck
Just leave us alone
us alone!
Track Name: Pizza Song
I've got a wooden leg
Please send pizza

I've got a heart of steel
Please send garlic fingers

I've got a crotch of nails, of rusty nails
Please send Pepsi

It's pizza time! Yum yum!
Track Name: Fail Me
I powered my nose
I went to school
Why does everyone think that I'm a fool?

I wrote the test
I got a "A"
Why does everybody insist that I am gay?

Fail Me

I quit my class
I got a job
Now I'm just like my old dad, a fat slob

Fail me
Track Name: 1, 2, Go Punk Song!
1, 2, 1, 2, go punk song

Sometimes punk songs sound like this
Sometimes punk songs sound different
Sometimes punk songs go "woah ohh"
Track Name: The Marichild (Reprise)
We'd like to take this opportunity to apologize
About the song called the Marichild
Even though we don't exactly know what that means
I'm pretty sure it could be construed as rude or racist
and that was not our intention
We're actually a bunch of pretty wholsome old fellas
We like to do things on a Sunday drive
Like look around at the things alive
I'd like to think that that is really what is it about?

The Marichild

Another thing that has been on my mind
Is the state of security at all the clubs and bars
I think that they should have pat-downs and metal detectors
because I'm pretty sure a lot of these guys have knives
And no one's looking all that friendly
It's a damn good thing that our guitar player Chris Braydon
is packing a load of heat

Chris Braydon's got a gun and he's not afraid to die
Track Name: Workout Dad
I framed my dad
I framed my dad
I framed him for possession of cocaine

I don't know why
I don't know why
He's actually a really nice guy
He's actually a really nice guy
So that makes me a pretty shit son

He'll do his time
Then come to find
and shoot my face until I'm dead

My mom showed up
My mom showed up
She's visiting my father in prison
She got knocked up
She got knocked up
She went there for a conjugal visit
She went there for a conjugal visit
Now she's pumpin' out jail-bastard sons

My baby bro
Inside her grows
He'll come out with Chris Braydon's gun!

My dad left jail
My dad left jail
Now he's comin' to fucking destroy me
My dad left jail -
he paid his bail
Now I'm hiding from him down in Boise
I'm hiding from him down in Boise
And he's hunting me down like a dog
He'll stab my head
Then I'll be dead
So instead here's another song

Oh, have you seen my dad?
Seen my dad, seen my dad
Oh, have you seen my dad?
He sure would like to see me dead
Oh, have you seen my dad?
Seen my dad, seen my dad
Oh, have you seen my dad?
I think that he's gonna stab me

Oh, have you seen my dad?
Seen my dad, seen my dad
Oh, have you seen my dad?
Seen him on the road

Oh, have you seen my dad?
Seen my dad, seen my dad
Oh, have you seen my dad?
If so please give me a warning