Terrible Things

by Reagans Rayguns

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This is the debut EP of Reagans Rayguns showcasing 4 brandnew tunes written for and by the new band line up


released April 10, 2012

Sean Boyer - Guitar/Vocals, Tomborine and Keys
Adam Kierstead - Bass
Chris Braydon - Guitar
Dan Boyer - Drums
Recorded and mixed by Sean Boyer
Additional record engineering by Stive Boyer
Mastered by J. LaPointe at Archive Mastering, Halifax NS

This is Studio Boytimes release BOY008



all rights reserved


Reagans Rayguns St John, New Brunswick

Reagans Rayguns: Janky, unnecessary, intentionally annoying, yet always poppy somehow. No matter how hard we try to write the most inaccessible song, someone always finds a way to dance to it.

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Track Name: This is What Happened When I Died
The plains between us are only spatial
We find our own ways to get by
You have the Red Trees and I have the water
Getting drunk's the new/old getting high
And I had a dream once that we ate some acid
Nothing was moving behind your eyes
And then in the distance, a black dawn rising
This is what happened when I died

No way to fix what is broken
You must have thought I was joking
In a different life we connected
But in this life we've said good-bye
Track Name: Ultra Linear
Sometimes I don't know what to say
About living in this city
I think it's fine but my friends outside
are always giving me pity
I don't know why 'cause it's not so bad
There's lots of Java Moose Coffee
I've got my bands and a decent job
...and did I mention that coffee

Ultra Linear
They're what keep me grounded
Sometimes make me wanna flee

Sometimes I feel like I've fucked it up
I've stolen someone elses life
This is not my beautiful home
That's not my beautiful wife
But it's too late to give it back
I'm stuck on this one way track, bud
Where will it end friend?
Where will it end Fred?

Ultra Linear
Lifestyles of the bored
I can't dig complacency
But I'm gettin' old

I'm getting old

I woke up this morning...

Wall paper droops from the walls of the life I used to lead
Condemned and no more fun, for anyone but me
Tried my best to define myself, without making you bleed
Now I know that's impossible, and that's why I must leave

I'm gone
Track Name: My Best Friend
Her name was Laura she worked at the bank
the first time I saw her I was filling my tank
I think that she liked me 'cause the way that I danced
I saw her laugh when I spilled gas on my pants
As luck would have it later on the next night
I saw her at Peppers standing in candle light
I smiled at her and she smiled at me
We made breakfast next day by her kitchen sink

Just when I thought that the world was wilting
There she was with her curly brown hair
With High-top Chucks and a bottle of Pinot
We'll be fine while the world despairs
Comfortable reading by her fire place
The look of true love spread across her face
and we're both in this together
She's my Dark n Stormy Weather

Saturday nights and we're both on the go
I've got my concert she's got her art show
Different cities couldn't keep us apart
Text messages are tethered to our hearts
Sunday morn' we'll be together again
We laugh about all the shit that happened
She'll work on a painting as I play my guitar
Make love for an hour then just stare up at the stars

Just when I thought I was disappearing
There she came in her Volks TDI
She excepted my flaws with understanding
didn't laugh at my fear of dying
She wanted to travel the United States
The look of true love spread across my face
and we're both in this forever
She's the June to my September

Well as we got older think she started to bore
She slept with my best friend and I called her a whore
She made me move out I went to live with my folks
They kept me laughing telling lots of bad jokes
I got an apartment with my brother's friend Scott
It didn't have curtains always smelled like pot
I got a new job and I got some new friends
End of this song's where my new life begins

Just when I thought things were comfortable
Left me alone in this fucked up world
She is gone and yet I remain
Can't believe I haven't gone insane
She's gone from my life now without a trace
The look of acceptance spread across my face
yeah we're in this world alone
yeah we're all in this alone

I fuckin' shot him
Track Name: Distracted
I'm distracted all the time
Like the highways on which I drive
Sleep stare view through blackened eyes
Ignore me so I can never Die

I cannot go to school or I will be killed

I've made bad decisions, with my life
I got married much too young. Or at all.
Waiting for the other shoe to fall
I can't do anything at all. Without.

Terrible things are happening